Rapid Navigation in Online Documents

Design of documents and viewers to support structured hypertext and easy skimming

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Designing better HTML authoring tools
Hypertext for handling conceptual material: The DocBrowser
Long pages, multi-node concatenation for viewing, gentle separation of adjacent nodes
Clarifying the real goals of hypertext
Linear, moderate hypertext: the scrolling page with hyperlinked subheadings conveys large-scale infomation structure better than isolated cards
Research about hypertext navigation and web structure-handling capabilities
Practical design of outlines and site maps
Design for rapid navigation and easy visual scanning
Software changes needed for better viewing

Enabling extremely rapid navigation in your web or document - popular article
The Unix GUI manifesto
Tim Berners-Lee's style guide for online hypertext (formatting demo. only)
Minimalist style sheet used at this site to produce traditional heading fonts
News about hypertext and online document technologies
Links for Information Structuring, Rapid Knowledge Transfer, Help, and Navigation